You can create custom images by using existing cloud desktops. You can save and replicate desktop configurations to create cloud desktops with identical configurations from the images.


A cloud desktop is created, and the following operations are complete:
  • The required environment and applications are deployed in the cloud desktop.
  • Sensitive data is removed from the cloud desktop. This helps avoid data security risks.

Background information

When you use a cloud desktop to create a custom image, take note of the following items:
  • Do not stop or restart the cloud desktop when you are creating the image. Otherwise, the image may fail to be created.
  • The created image is located in the same region as the cloud desktop. For example, if the cloud desktop is in the China (Hangzhou) region, the image is created in the China (Hangzhou) region. You cannot use an image across regions.


  1. Log on to the EDS console.
  2. In the top navigation bar, select a region.
  3. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Resources > Images.
  4. On the Images page, click Create Image.
  5. In the Create Image panel, perform the following operations:
    1. Specify the Image Name and Description parameters.
    2. Select a cloud desktop from the cloud desktop list.
  6. Click Create.


You can view the creation progress in the image list. If the status of the image changes from Creating to Available, the image is created.
Note The time required to create an image varies based on the volume of data in the cloud desktop from which the image is created.

What to do next

After you create a custom image, you can use the image to create desktop templates. For more information, see Create a desktop template.