Before you use AnalyticDB for MySQL, you must create an Alibaba Cloud account. This topic describes how to create an Alibaba Cloud account.

Background information

You can log on to the AnalyticDB for MySQL console by using an Alibaba Cloud account or a RAM user.
  • An Alibaba Cloud account owns Alibaba Cloud resources. Resource usage is measured and billed to the Alibaba Cloud account. You can use the Alibaba Cloud account to create RAM users for your enterprise. You can also use the Alibaba Cloud account to manage and grant permissions to RAM users.
  • RAM users are secondary accounts that are created and managed by Alibaba Cloud accounts in the RAM console. RAM users cannot retain or own resources and are not independently billed. All resources belong only to Alibaba Cloud accounts.

Create an Alibaba Cloud account

If you do not have an Alibaba Cloud account, click here to go to the Create Your Alibaba Cloud Account page and create an account.

Complete real-name verification

Log on by using your Alibaba Cloud account and click here to complete real-name verification.

  • You must complete real-name verification before you purchase and use Alibaba Cloud services.
  • If you are an enterprise user, we recommend for your convenience that you complete enterprise-level verification.