This topic describes the release notes of E-MapReduce (EMR) V4.4.0, including the release date and updates.

Release date

July 8, 2020 for EMR V4.4.0


Component Description
  • A Java agent is added for the Thrift Server process.
  • The NOT IN subquery performance of Spark SQL is optimized.
  • The following issue is fixed: A stack overflow occurs when a large number of empty files are read.
  • Explicit dependencies on Has are removed by using code or Has dependencies are updated.
  • Hive is updated to 3.1.2.
  • JindoFS is optimized.
  • Metastore consistency check (MSCK) is optimized.
  • The Jindo Job Committer in an HCatalog table is supported.
  • Has dependencies are updated.
  • Knox is compatible with Impala.
  • Knox is compatible with later Flink versions.
Impala Impala is updated to 3.4 and can be integrated with Ranger.
SmartData SmartData is updated to 2.7.202. Bigboot is updated to 2.7.202.
Superset Superset is updated to 0.36.0.
Has Has is updated to 1.2.0. The issue that Has is incompatible with later OpenJDK versions is fixed.
Livy Has dependencies are updated.
  • Configuration defects in Object Storage Service (OSS) are fixed.
  • Has dependencies are updated.
HBase Has dependencies are updated.