This topic introduces Alibaba Cloud Database Autonomy Service (DAS).


  • DAS is a cloud service that is designed based on machine learning and expert experience to implement automated perception, recovery, optimization, operations and maintenance (O&M), and security. DAS allows you to avoid faults that are caused by unintended operations. In addition, DAS ensures the stability, security, and efficiency of your database service.
  • DAS uses machine learning and fine-grained 24/7 monitoring to limit SQL traffic, take snapshots in the events of exceptions, review and optimize SQL statements, scale storage capacity, and scale compute resources. DAS provides a closed-loop diagnosis process. This process includes exception detection, root cause analysis, loss mitigation, optimization, effect tracking, rollback, and knowledge accumulation. The optimization effect during this process can be quantified. This way, DAS ensures the availability of your database service.

For more information, see What is DAS?.