Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) abides by the terms of the Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program. This topic describes the changes that are made to Kubernetes 1.18.

Version upgrade

ACK has upgraded the components of Kubernetes 1.18.8 to provide enhanced features.
Core component Version Upgrade notes
Kubernetes 1.18.8 Some common API versions are deprecated in Kubernetes 1.18. Before you upgrade a cluster, we recommend that you upgrade the deprecated API versions that are listed in this topic.
Docker 19.03.5 (containerd 1.2.10) N/A
etcd 3.4.3 N/A
CoreDNS 1.6.7 N/A

Version details

  • Resource changes and deprecation
    The following APIs are deprecated in Kubernetes 1.18:
    • The APIs apps/v1beta1 and apps/v1beta2 of all the resources are replaced by apps/v1.
    • The API extensions/v1beta1 of daemonsets, deployments, and replicasets is replaced by apps/v1.
    • The API extensions/v1beta1 of Networkpolicies resources is replaced by
    • The API extensions/v1beta1 of pod security policies is replaced by policy/v1beta1.

    The labels that specify the regions of nodes are moved to The labels that specify the zones of nodes are moved to We recommend that you update the related configurations for your workloads.

  • Feature enhancements
    • Server-side Apply Beta 2 is introduced. You can view the relationships between the configuration items of a resource in the metadata.managedFields field of the resource.

    • The Node Local DNS Cache feature is released to improve the DNS availability and performance of your cluster.

    • The Volume Snapshot feature is in the public preview phase and supports operations such as data volume backup, recovery, and scheduled backup.

Enhancements compared with Kubernetes 1.18.8

Compared with Kubernetes 1.18.8, ACK 1.18 enables the following feature in the kubelet configuration file: Users who use raw data volumes can upgrade clusters on the fly.