Standard NAT gateways of Alibaba Cloud will soon be phased out.


Beginning from November 20, 2020, Alibaba Cloud will stop offering standard NAT gateways in all regions. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


After standard NAT gateways are phased out, you can use enhanced NAT gateways to enable Internet access. You can choose one of the following methods if you want to use enhanced NAT gateways:

Create an enhanced NAT gateway

Enhanced NAT gateways are upgraded from the technical architecture of standard NAT gateways and have the following features: high performance, high elasticity, flexible billing, and fine-grained operations and maintenance. For more information, see Release notes of enhanced NAT gateways.

You can create an enhanced NAT gateway in the NAT Gateway console or by calling the API.
  • When you create an enhanced NAT gateway in the console, you must specify a VSwitch for the NAT gateway. For more information, see Create a NAT gateway.
  • When you call the API to create an enhanced NAT gateway, you must set NatType to Enhanced and specify the VSwitchId parameter. For more information, see CreateNatGateway.

Upgrade a standard NAT gateway to an enhanced NAT gateway

You can continue to use existing standard NAT gateways. If you want to better manage Internet traffic, we recommend that you upgrade your standard NAT gateways to enhanced NAT gateways. For more information, see Upgrade a standard NAT gateway to an enhanced NAT gateway.