Call ModifyScalingConfigItemV2 to modify the scaling configuration items.


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Request parameters

Prameter Type Required Example Description
Action String Required ModifyScalingConfigItemV2

The operation that you want to perform. For API requests using the HTTP or HTTPS URL, this parameter is required. Value: ModifyScalingConfigItemV2.

ConfigItemBizId String Required SCB-232423A****

Scaling group configuration items ID. You can call the ListScalingConfigItemV2view the auto scaling configuration items ID.

ConfigItemInformation String Required {"ruleName": "triggered by load", "adjustmentType": "QUANTITY_CHANGE_IN_CAPACITY", "coolDownTime": 100, "ruleParam": { "metricName": "YarnFreeCores", "period": 10, "statistics": "xxx", "comparisonOperator": ""\u003e\u003d ", " threshold ": 10, " evaluationCount ": 1 }, " adjustmentValue ": 1, "ruleType": "BY_LOAD", "configItemType": "SCALING_RULE"}

Configuration Items values in JSON format vary depending on the data type. Valid values:


  • Trigger by load
{"ruleName": "triggered by load", "adjustmentType": "QUANTITY_CHANGE_IN_CAPACITY", "coolDownTime": 100, "ruleParam": { "metricName": "YarnFreeCores", "period": 10, "statistics": "xxx", "comparisonOperator": ""\u003e\u003d ", " threshold ": 10, " evaluationCount ": 1 }, " adjustmentValue ": 1, "ruleType": "BY_LOAD", "configItemType": "SCALING_RULE"}
  • Timed-based schedules
{"ruleName": "Timing Schedule", "adjustmenttype": "QUANTITY_CHANGE_IN_CAPACITY", "cooldowntime": 100, "ruleparam": { "recurrencetype": "Daily", "recurrenceValue": "1", "recurrenceEndTime": "2020-07-22T03:01Z", "launchtime": "2020-07-22T03:07Z", "launchExpirationTime": 0 }, "adjustmentValue": 1, "ruleType": "SCHEDULED", "configItemType": "SCALING_RULE"}
  • Targeted execution
{"ruleName": "targeted execution", "adjustmentType": "QUANTITY_CHANGE_IN_CAPACITY", "coolDownTime": 100, "ruleParam": { "launchTime": "2020-07-22T03:09Z", "launchExpirationTime": 1 }, "adjustmentValue": 1, "ruleType": "BY_TIME_ONCE", "configItemType": "SCALING_RULE"}


{ "spotStrategy": "NoSpot", "spotPriceLimits": 0.01, "instanceTypeList": [], "sysDiskCategory": "cloud_essd", "sysDiskSize": { "value": 40.0, "unit": "GIGABYTE" }, "dataDiskCategory": "cloud_essd", "dataDiskSize": { "value": 40.0, "unit": "GIGABYTE" }, "dataDiskCount": 4, "scalingMaxSize": 1, "scalingMinSize": 1, "defaultCoolDownTime": 0, "scalingTimeoutPolice": { "timeoutPolicy": "ROLLBACK" }, "nodeOfflineMode": "NORMAL", "nodeOfflineModeParam": { "timeoutMs": 0 }, "triggerMode": "Scheduled", "multiAvailablePolicy": "PRIORITY", "multiAvailablePolicyParam": { "onDemandBaseCapacity": 0, "onDemandPercentageAboveBaseCapacity": 0, "spotInstanceRemedy": 0, "spotInstance": false }, "configItemType": "SCALING_STRATEGY" }
ConfigItemType String Required SCALING_RULE

The type of the configuration parameters. Valid values:

  • SCALING_RULE: scaling rules
  • SCALING_STRATEGY: scaling policy
RegionId String Required cn-hangzhou

The region ID of the resource. You can call the DescribeRegionsAPI to view the latest region list.

ScalingGroupBizId String Required SGB-1232423AB****

The ID of the scaling group. You can call ListScalingGroupV2 to view the scaling group ID.

ResourceGroupId String No rg-acfmv6jutt6****

The ID of the resource group. You can call the ListResourceGroups to view the resource group ID.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
Data Boolean true

Return the result.Valid values:

  • true: The operation was successful.
  • false: The operation failed.
RequestId String 7B804810-3C11-4927-B116-1D1A98A60BDD

The request ID.


Sample requests

http(s)://[Endpoint]/? Action=ModifyScalingConfigItemV2
&<Common request parameters>

Sample success responses

XML format


JSON format


Error code

HttpCode Error code Error message Description
403 Params.Illegal The specified parameters are wrongly formed.. The error message returned because the format of the specified parameters is invalid.
500 InternalError The request processing has failed due to some unknown error. The error message returned because the request processing has failed due to an internal error. Submit a ticket.

For a list of error codes, visit the API Error Center.