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Troubleshoot source code binding failures in Container Registry

Last Updated: Oct 15, 2020


This article describes the troubleshooting solution for failed binding of Container Registry source code.


Error message Cause Troubleshooting
What can I do if I receive the error message "Failed to access the source code repository site. Please confirm that the account binding information is correct, or try again later."? On-premises GitLab does not respond to requests.
  • Check whether the on-premises GitLab is accessible over the Internet.
  • Verify that the account binding information, including the GitLab URL, username, and access token, is correct.
GitLab does not have a firewall or the self-signed HTTPS certificate is incorrect, or it uses a TLS certificate with an incomplete certificate chain.

Complete certificate verification. You can use SSL status detection to verify the certificate.

Network problems, resulting in a connection timeout to GitLab. Check whether there is a problem with your network and try again later.

What can I do if I receive the error message "The source code repository site returns an error response. Please confirm that the account binding information is correct."?

Note: This error is reported when you create a repository and bind it to a source code repository. When this problem occurs, the connection to GitLab is normal, but an error code is returned due to server configuration problems.

To bind a webhook to a Container Registry repository, you must create a webhook in the repository. Check whether the Token you issued to Container Registry has the permissions to call the api, and whether the Token is valid.
Screenshot 2020-09-28 上午11.37.02.png
Alibaba Cloud Container Registry supports Gitlab 8.5 and later. Check your Gitlab version.
The account of the source code repository does not have the permission to set hooks. Ensure that the Integrations Settings tab for the selected repository is displayed on GitLab.
The bound information is incorrect.

Check whether the username and URL of the source code repository are the same as those of the Git repo.

Screenshot 2020-09-28 上午11.39.38.png


Application scope

  • Container Registry