You can call DescribeTemplateAttribute to query the details of an orchestration template.


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Request parameter types

This operation uses only common request parameters. For more information, see Common parameters.

Request syntax

get /templates/{TemplateId} http|https

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
TemplateId String Yes 874ec485-e7e6-4373-8a3b-47bde8a****

The ID of the template.

GET /templates/{TemplateId} HTTP/1.1

Common request parameters




Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
Array of data

The response body.

acl String "private"

The access control policy of the orchestration template.

created String "2020-09-16T19:21:29+08:00"

The time when the orchestration template was created.

description String "***"

The description of the orchestration template.

id String "72d20cf8-a533-4ea9-a10d-e7630d3d2708"

The ID of the orchestration template. If you update a template, a new template ID is generated.

name String "web"

The name of the orchestration template.

template String "***"

The YAML content of the orchestration template.

template_hash_code_version String "0d6983a3c8169e570bf3f268396****"

The ID of the orchestration template. You can use the value in Application Center.

template_type String "kubernetes"

The type of the orchestration template. Default value: kubernetes.

template_with_hist_id String "874ec485-e7e6-4373-8a3b-47bde8ae789f"

The unique ID of the orchestration template. The value remains unchanged after a template update.

updated String "2020-09-16T19:21:29+08:00"

The time when the orchestration template was updated.


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Error codes

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