Queries the details of Kubernetes versions that are supported by Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK).


OpenAPI Explorer automatically calculates the signature value. For your convenience, we recommend that you call this operation in OpenAPI Explorer. OpenAPI Explorer dynamically generates the sample code of the operation for different SDKs.

Request syntax

GET /api/v1/metadata/versions?Region=String&ClusterType=String&KubernetesVersion=String&Profile=String HTTP/1.1 

Request parameters

Table 1. Request query parameters
Parameter Type Required Example Description
Region String Yes cn-beijing

The ID of the region where ACK clusters deployed.

ClusterType String Yes Kubernetes

The type of ACK clusters. Valid values:

  • Kubernetes: dedicated Kubernetes cluster
  • ManagedKubernetes: managed Kubernetes cluster
  • Ask: serverless Kubernetes (ASK) cluster
  • ExternalKubernetes: registered external Kubernetes cluster
KubernetesVersion String No 1.16.9-aliyun.1

The Kubernetes version that you want to query. You must specify an open source Kubernetes version. We recommend that you specify the latest version. If you do not specify a Kubernetes version, the latest Kubernetes version is queried.

You can create ACK clusters of the latest two Kubernetes versions in the ACK console. You can also create ACK clusters of other Kubernetes versions by calling the API. For more information about the Kubernetes versions supported by ACK, see Release notes for Kubernetes versions.

Profile String No Default

The scenario where the ACK cluster is used. Valid values:

  • Default: The ACK cluster is used in non-edge computing scenarios.
  • Edge: The ACK cluster is used in edge computing scenarios.

Default value: Default.

Response syntax

HTTP/1.1 200
[ {
  "images" : [ {
    "image_id" : "String",
    "image_name" : "String",
    "platform" : "String",
    "os_version" : "String",
    "image_type" : "String",
    "os_type" : "String",
    "image_category" : "String"
  } ],
  "runtimes" : [ {
    "name" : "String",
    "version" : "String"
  } ],
  "version" : "String",
  "multi_az" : "String"
} ]

Response parameters

Table 2. Response body parameters
Parameter Type Example Description

The details of the queried Kubernetes version.

capabilities Map

The features of the queried Kubernetes version.

images Array

The list of the system images supported by the queried Kubernetes version.

image_id String centos_7_7_x64_20G_alibase_20200426.vhd

The ID of the image.

image_name String CentOS 7.7

The name of the image.

platform String CentOS

The operating system. Valid values:

  • AliyunLinux
  • CentOS
  • Windows
  • WindowsCore
os_version String 7.7

The version of the image.

image_type String centos_7_7_20

The type of the image. Examples:

  • centos_7_7_20
  • aliyunlinux_2_64_20
os_type String Linux

The type of the operating system. Examples:

  • Windows
  • Linux
image_category String system

The category of the image. Examples:

  • system: public images
  • self: custom images
  • others: shared images from other Alibaba Cloud accounts
  • marketplace: images from the image market
meta_data Map

The metadata of the Kubernetes version.

runtimes Array of runtime

The details of the supported container runtimes.

version String 1.16.9-aliyun.1

The Kubernetes version supported by ACK. For more information, see Release notes for Kubernetes versions.

multi_az String false

Indicates whether the ACK cluster is a multi-zone cluster.

  • true: The ACK cluster is a multi-zone cluster.
  • false: The ACK cluster is not a multi-zone cluster.


Sample requests

GET /api/v1/metadata/versions?Region=cn-beijing&ClusterType=Kubernetes&KubernetesVersion=1.16.9-aliyun.1&Profile=Default HTTP/1.1 

Sample success responses

XML format

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

        <image_name>CentOS 7.7</image_name>

JSON format

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

[ {
  "images" : [ {
    "image_id" : "centos_7_7_x64_20G_alibase_20200426.vhd",
    "image_name" : "CentOS 7.7",
    "platform" : "CentOS",
    "os_version" : "7.7",
    "image_type" : "centos_7_7_20",
    "os_type" : "Linux",
    "image_category" : "system"
  } ],
  "runtimes" : [ {
    "name" : "docker",
    "version" : "19.03.5"
  } ],
  "version" : "1.16.9-aliyun.1",
  "multi_az" : "false"
} ]

Error codes

For a list of error codes, visit the API Error Center.