This topic describes the features of the aliyun-acr-acceleration-suite component and provides its release notes.


The aliyun-acr-acceleration-suite component is a client plug-in that can load image resources based on your needs. This speeds up image loading. You can deploy this component on a worker node as a DaemonSet. Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) collaborates with Container Registry to enable accelerated images. After you deploy aliyun-acr-acceleration-suite on a cluster, the system automatically converts a source image into an accelerated image. When an image pulling request is received, the system decompresses data based on your needs without interrupting services. In this case, the system does not have to download or decompress full data. This speeds up application deployment and enables on-demand image resource loading.

Release notes

Version Image address Release date Description Impact
v20.09.16.0-3afa0663-aliyun September 16, 2020 Adds support for aliyun-acr-acceleration-suite that enables accelerated images, and describes the configurations for connecting to Container Registry. You can install or uninstall aliyun-acr-acceleration-suite within a few clicks. When you install or uninstall aliyun-acr-acceleration-suite, the dockerd daemon restarts. This does not affect the pods running on worker nodes. In this case, you can install or uninstall this component without interrupting your services.