Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides a wide array of API operations that can be used to manage Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates. The procedures for calling the API operations can be complex. This topic describes the features of the API operations to help you understand the use of the API operations.

Procedure for calling the latest CDN API

Management of SSL certificates 01
Note If an SSL certificate is uploaded to Alibaba Cloud CDN by calling certificate signing request (CSR) management operations, the method to renew the SSL certificate is the same as renewing certificates issued by Alibaba Cloud Security.
The following table describes the certificate management operations.
API Description
AddCdnDomain Adds a domain name to Alibaba Cloud CDN.
VerifyDomainOwner Verifies the ownership of a specified domain name.
DescribeVerifyContent Queries the ownership verification content of an accelerated domain name.
DescribeDomainCertificateInfo Queries the certificate information about an accelerated domain name.
SetDomainServerCertificate Configures an SSL certificate for an accelerated domain name.
DescribeCdnHttpsDomainList Queries the information about the SSL certificates under your Alibaba Cloud account.
DescribeCdnCertificateDetail Queries the detailed information about an SSL certificate.
DescribeCdnDomainByCertificate Queries accelerated domain names by SSL certificate.
BatchSetCdnDomainServerCertificate Enables, disables, or modifies the SSL certificates of one or more accelerated domain names.

Procedure for calling the earlier CDN API

When you call API operations, we recommend that you follow the procedure for calling the latest CDN API.Management of SSL certificatesFor more information, see Certificate management.