Transit routers, a new component of Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN), are released and available for a free trial within a limited time.


You can create transit routers in each region for a CEN instance. The transit routers that you create serve as central hubs in each region to connect networks. You can use transit routers to connect network instances that are created in the same region or different regions to enable intra-region or cross-region communication separately. In addition, transit routers support CEN features such as route tables, route maps, and cross-region connections. You can add routes and configure route maps on transit routers to connect networks, isolate networks, and redirect network traffic.

CEN provides two editions of transit routers: Basic Edition and Enterprise Edition.
  • Basic Edition transit routers: support the basic features of CEN. You can use Basic Edition transit routers to connect network instances. To connect a Basic Edition transit router to a network instance in a different region, you must allocate bandwidth for the cross-region connection. You can also configure route maps on Basic Edition transit routers.
  • Enterprise Edition transit routers: In addition to the basic features, Enterprise Edition transit routers support custom route tables, route learning, and route table associations. This allows you to isolate networks and redirect network traffic to meet your business requirements. For more information, see Transit routers.
Transit router announcement

Release notes

CEN transit routers are released. Basic Edition transit routers are available in all regions. Enterprise Edition transit routers are available in specific regions. For more information about the regions that support Enterprise Edition transit routers, see Regions and zones that support Enterprise Edition transit routers.

Free trial period

Alibaba Cloud offers a free trial of CEN transit routers from March 24, 2021 to June 9, 2021.


During the free trial, you are not charged when you use transit routers to connect network instances in the same region. In addition, you are not charged for the data transmission within the same region. However, to connect network instances across regions, you must purchase a bandwidth plan and allocate bandwidth for cross-region connections. For more information about the billing of CEN bandwidth plans, see Billing of bandwidth plans.

How to start

To start your free trial, perform the following operations:

  1. Log on to the CEN console.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the CEN page, click Try New Version to navigate to the new CEN console.
  3. In the new CEN console, perform the following operations:


For more information about the new CEN console, see What is CEN?.