Queries the indexes stored on an Elasticsearch cluster.


OpenAPI Explorer automatically calculates the signature value. For your convenience, we recommend that you call this operation in OpenAPI Explorer. OpenAPI Explorer dynamically generates the sample code of the operation for different SDKs.

Request headers

This operation uses only common request headers. For more information, see Common request parameters.

Request syntax

     GET /openapi/instances/[InstanceId]/indices HTTP/1.1 

Request parameters

Parameter Type Position Required Example Description
InstanceId String Path Yes es-cn-tl329rbpc0001****

The ID of the instance.

all Boolean Query No false

Specifies whether to obtain all indexes. Valid values:

  • true: returns a list of indexes including system indexes.
  • false (default): returns a list of indexes other than the system index.
name String Query No .ds-ds--2021.07.21-000002

The name of the index.

isManaged Boolean Query No true

Specifies whether to display only the indexes in the host. The values are as follows:

  • true: only the indexes in the hosting are displayed.
  • false (default): displays all indexes.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
Headers Struct

The header of the response.

X-Managed-Count Integer 1

The total number of indexes in Cloud Hosting.

X-Managed-StorageSize Long 416

The total size of the index in Cloud Hosting. Unit: byte.

RequestId String 11608354-FBA1-4177-A13A-FAC7E5D0****

The ID of the request.

Result Array of Result

The details of the index list.

createTime String 2021-01-11T05:49:41.114Z

The time when the index list was queried.

health String green

The running status of the index. The following three statuses are supported:

  • green: healthy.
  • yellow: alerts.
  • red: an exception.
isManaged String true

This parameter is deprecated.

managedStatus String following

The managed status of the index. The following three statuses are supported:

  • following: Hosting.
  • closing: The host is being canceled.
  • closed: unmanaged.
name String .ds-ds--2021.07.21-000002

The name of the index.

size Long 416

The total storage space occupied by the current index. Unit: byte.


Sample requests

     GET /openapi/instances/es-cn-tl329rbpc0001****/indices HTTP/1.1 

Sample success responses

JSON format

     { "Result": [ { "name": ".ds-ds--2021.07.21-000002", "health": "green", "size": 416, "createTime": "2021-07-21T14:40:37.098Z", "managedStatus": "following" } ], "RequestId": "11608354-FBA1-4177-A13A-FAC7E5D0F73F", "Headers": { "X-Managed-Count": 1, "X-Managed-StorageSize": 416 } } 

Error code

For a list of error codes, visit the API Error Center.