This topic describes the release notes of the Cloud Monitor agent.


Item Description
Release date 2021-01-05
New feature The SOCKS5 proxy is supported.
Fixed issue The issue is fixed where the Cloud Monitor agent fails to be installed on some hosts that are not provided by Alibaba Cloud. The installation fails due to the missing of specific dynamic-link libraries (DDLs). These hosts run Windows Server 2012 or earlier.


Item Description
Release date 2020-11-17
New feature N/A
Fixed issue The issue is fixed where URLs cannot be correctly parsed by availability monitoring.


Item Description
Release date 2020-07-27
New feature
  • More supported metrics: The Cloud Monitor agent can collect metrics about disk I/O and utilization of a single CPU core.
  • Less resource usage: After optimization, the Cloud Monitor agent occupies less resources and has less impact on the system performance.
  • System protection: When the system load is heavy or the Cloud Monitor agent occupies excessive system resources due to specific reasons, the Cloud Monitor agent is automatically stopped.
Fixed issue The issue is fixed where the GoLang agent automatically changes the system time.

Earlier versions

For more information about earlier versions of the Cloud Monitor agent, see Cloud Monitor agent release notes.