Ganos Geometry Pyramid is used to display two-dimensional geometry big data at high speeds.

Data requirements

  • The data tables can contain only the following types of spatial data: Point, Line, Polygon, MultiPoint, MultiLine, and MultiPolygon.
  • Each data record must contain an ID field whose value is a unique positive integer of the uint4 or uint8 data type.
  • You must create a spatial index on the geometry field.
  • The geographic coordinate system must be EPSG: 4326 or EPSG: 4490. In addition, the output results must be MVT-formatted data records that follow the EPSG:3857 geographic coordinate system. If a data record does not use a geographic coordinate system or it uses a geographic coordinate system other than EPSG:4326, the data record is considered to use the EPSG:4326 geographic coordinate system.

Hardware requirements

  • We recommended that you configure your RDS instance to provide 32 CPU cores, 64 GB of memory, and 500 GB of SSD storage capacity. This allows you to process 0.1 billion data records within about 15 minutes.
  • In normal cases, the extra storage that is occupied by the produced pyramids does not exceed 10% of the storage that is occupied by the original data.