You can create instances that run different database engines in ApsaraDB for MyBase. MyBase for Redis instances grant users more permissions than regular ApsaraDB RDS for Redis instances. This topic provides an overview of ApsaraDB for Redis and describes related concepts.

ApsaraDB for Redis is a database service that is compatible with native Redis protocols and supports hybrid storage. ApsaraDB for Redis nodes work in hot standby mode in a cluster to meet service requirements for high throughput, low latency, and flexible configuration changes.

  • Hardware and data are deployed in the cloud. ApsaraDB for Redis is a fully-managed cloud database service provided by Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud manages infrastructure planning, network security and system maintenance. This allows you to focus on business development.
  • ApsaraDB for Redis supports various data types, such as strings, lists, sets, sorted sets, hash tables, and streams. The service also provides advanced features, such as transactions, message subscription, and message publishing.
  • ApsaraDB for Redis Enhanced Edition (Tair) is a key-value pair cloud cache service that is an upgraded version of ApsaraDB for Redis Community Edition. ApsaraDB for Redis Enhanced Edition (Tair) supports two series of instances: performance-enhanced instances and hybrid-storage instances.

For more information, see Comparison between ApsaraDB for Redis and on-premises Redis and Scenarios.