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Last Updated: Jun 02, 2021

On the event history page, you can view the records of recent operations on clusters, tenants, databases, and accounts. The operations include the resource name and ID, resource type, event source, event type, event operation, event information, And of execution results The content of the.

Background information

The event history feature records key behaviors performed on the page, including management operations on clusters, tenants, databases, and accounts. It also displays event information on the page to help you locate problems.


  1. The left-side navigation pane, click event history.

  2. Search for and view historical events.

    1. You can search for historical events within a specified period. In the drop-down list, you can select a time period or customize the time period. You can view the operation records for the last three months.1

    2. Resource and event information: Enter the resource name and event search in the search box, and then click the search icon or press the Enter key to view the corresponding event record.2

  3. Filters to View event history.

    1. Filter : click the filter icon next to an event type, select a type, and then click .1

    2. To filter of an event, click the filter icon in the actions column of the event, select a type, and then click.

  4. View historical events in chronological order.

    1. View event history by time sequence: click the upper triangle icon next to the execution time.1

    2. View event history from near to far: click the lower triangle icon after the .1

  5. View event information: click the event information of the target event, and view the details in the right-side pop-up window.