This topic describes how to create threshold-based alert rules for a bandwidth plan. The Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) console is integrated with Cloud Monitor of Alibaba Cloud. You can create threshold-based alert rules for a bandwidth plan that is associated with a CEN instance. This way, you can monitor the bandwidth usage of the bandwidth plan and avoid business disruption caused by resource exhaustion.


  1. Log on to the CEN console.
  2. On the Instances page, find the CEN instance that is associated with the bandwidth plan to be queried. Click the ID of the CEN instance. On the CEN details page, click the Bandwidth Plans tab and find the bandwidth plan that you want to manage.
  3. Click Set Alarm in the Monitor column.
  4. On the Create Alert Rule page, configure alert rules and click Confirm.
    You can create alert rules for a bandwidth plan based on your business requirements. For example, you can specify Area Internet Out Rate and Area Internet Out Rate Percent as alert rules. In addition, you can set a threshold value that triggers alerts. For more information, see Create a threshold-triggered alert rule. Monitor a bandwidth plan