This topic describes the benefits of Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN).

Worldwide connectivity

CEN is an enterprise-class network that can connect the global network resources of Alibaba Cloud. CEN can also connect network resources of enterprises that are connected to Alibaba Cloud. CEN allows you to connect virtual private clouds (VPCs) deployed in multiple regions to on-premises networks. This way, you can expand your networks to meet your business requirements.

Low latency and high speed

CEN provides low-latency and high-speed network transmission. The maximum transmission rate between on-premises networks can reach the transmission rate of device ports. The network latency of global communication through CEN is much lower than that over the Internet.

Secure and flexible enterprise-class networking

Transit routers support custom communication, isolation, and redirect policies to meet enterprise-class networking requirements. This way, complex networking architectures such as demilitarized zones and service chaining can be achieved.

Convenience with pay-as-you-go

CEN supports the pay-as-you-go billing method. When network instances deployed in the same region are connected, you are charged for only the traffic that is processed by the connected VPCs and transit routers. When you use CEN to establish cross-region connections, you can easily activate CEN and change specifications of CEN instances without purchasing specific devices or lines. The traditional way to establish cross-region connections requires frequent purchases of lines and devices and complex debugging. Compared with the traditional way, CEN offers a more efficient and cost-effective approach to establishing cross-region connections.

High reliability and high quality

Transit routers provide active and standby nodes. When the active nodes are malfunctioning, the standby nodes take over to ensure service availability. Multiple sets of high-quality connections exist between any two nodes in the network established by CEN. When Layer 2 connections are interrupted, the network automatically converges, which does not interrupt your workloads.

One-stop operations and maintenance

Based on the physical location and network resources, CEN provides a visualized interface where you can view the network status. This improves the efficiency of operations and maintenance (O&M).