This topic describes how to grant Function Compute permissions to access other Alibaba Cloud services in the Function Compute console.


A service is created.

Background information

To access other Alibaba Cloud services, Function Compute must be granted relevant permissions. Such permissions are granted to a corresponding service. After the permissions are granted to a service, all functions in the service have the permissions.


  1. Log on to the Function Compute console.
  2. In the top navigation bar, select a region.
  3. In the left-side navigation pane, click Services and Functions.
  4. On the Services and Functions page, click the service that you require. Then, click the Service Configurations tab. On the Service Configurations tab, click Modify Configuration.
    Modify service configurations
  5. In the Role Config section, set the parameters and click Submit.
    • You have not created a role.
      1. Click Create Role to go to the Role Templates page.create-role
      2. On the Role Templates page, set the parameters and click Confirm Authorization Policy.role-information
      3. Click Submit.
    • You have created a role.
      1. In the Role Config section, select the role to be assigned from the Select Role drop-down list.imagefueupeizhi.png
      2. In the Policy Details section, click + Add Policy.
      3. In the Add Policy dialog box, select one or more policies that you want to attach to the role from the Select Policy Template drop-down list.
      4. Click RAM Authorization.
      5. On the Role Templates page, set the Policy Name parameter and click Confirm Authorization Policy.policy-information
      6. Click Submit.