You can view the control policy name, control policy type, control policy document, and the folder or member account to which the control policy is attached.


  1. Log on to the Resource Management console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Resource Directory > Control Policy.
  3. On the Control Policy page, click the Policies tab. On this tab, find the control policy of which the details you want to view and click View in the Actions column.
    • In the PSP Details section, view Policy Name, Policy Type, Policy ID, Last Update Time, and Policy Description.
    • On the Policy JSON tab, view the document of the policy.
    • On the Policy Target tab, view the folders or member accounts to which the control policy is attached.
    Note On the Attachments tab of the Control Policy page, you can view the control policies that are attached to each folder or member account and the details about each control policy.