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Data backup

Last Updated: Jun 25, 2021

The OceanBase management console provides high-availability and high-performance data backup for OceanBase clusters.

Backup policies

OceanBase Database supports the following two backup methods:

  • Scheduled backup:

    The system automatically backs up data on a regular basis based on the preset backup scheduling policy. You can enable the system to perform full backups at the specified time every week or month. The system can back up logs and regularly delete expired data. After you create a backup policy, the system automatically backs up data on a regular basis. You can suspend or restart backup scheduling.

  • Back up now:

    You can manually start a backup. If a full backup is in progress, you cannot manually start a backup. You can manually start a backup regardless of whether an effective backup policy exists.

Data backup tasks

  1. Log on to the OceanBase management console. In the left-side navigation pane, click Backup and Recovery. On the page that appears, click Data Backup.

  2. Click the Data Backup tab. The tab displays the information about all executed data backup tasks in the following columns: Backup Set ID, Start Time, End Time, Database Version, File Size, Backup Method, Execution Method, and Status.

  3. Sort the tasks by start time or file size as required.1