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View the information of the cluster

Last Updated: Jun 02, 2021

In OceanBase, a cluster is a collection of cloud resources required to run the OceanBase Database. It is associated with several server nodes, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and other cloud resources. After you create a cluster in the apsaradb for OceanBase console, you can view the details of all apsaradb for OceanBase clusters.


Log on to the Apsara stack console. In the left-side navigation pane, choose clusters to go to clusters page.

Cluster list page displays all current clusters and the basic specification information of each cluster, including cluster ID , creation time of, deployment mode, zone, cluster specification, billing mode , and The status.


Cluster console

On the clusters page, click the name to go to the console. You can view the specifications and related resource information of a specified cluster.

Cluster console
  • On the top of dashboard page, you can view the of the cluster. These information, including cluster type, storage type , storage ,,, VPC, zone, OB version , and. The of maintenance window is to the whitelist of the cluster.
    Top of cluster console
  • You can also perform the following operations in the console:
    • View the tenant information of the cluster.
      Tenant List
    • Click modify specifications to modify the CPU and memory specifications of the tenant.Modify tenant specifications
    • The name, zone, type, and status of each node in the cluster.Nodes
    • The detailed Topology View of the current cluster.Cluster topology