This topic describes a recent seminar that gathered enterprise users of ApsaraDB for MyBase in Beijing.


Enterprise users such as Beijing Momo Technology and Beijing Shijifeiyu Software attended this offline seminar. The following topics were discussed during the seminar: database technologies, the management of large-scale enterprise databases, and pain points of ApsaraDB for MyBase users. This seminar introduced how to use ApsaraDB for MyBase to help users streamline the management of large-scale database clusters and how to implement secure, quick, and stable service migration to the cloud.


ApsaraDB for MyBase has the following benefits. For more information, see Mechanisms and benefits.

  • Flexible resource scheduling

    You can flexibly schedule instances among hosts in an ApsaraDB for MyBase dedicated cluster to maximize resource utilization. A dedicated cluster supports overcommitment parameters. You can specify a CPU overcommitment ratio greater than 100%. As a result, more CPU resources can be assigned to instances than the CPU resources that are offered by the hosts in the dedicated cluster. This improves database cost-effectiveness.

  • Advanced enterprise-level database services

    ApsaraDB for MyBase works with the AliSQL kernel to provide advanced enterprise-level database services.

  • More permissions

    ApsaraDB for MyBase grants you more permissions than regular databases based on complete isolation.

    • More database permissions, such as the OS permissions.
    • More user permissions. You can log on to hosts, view resources, write data, and run specific commands.
    • More API operations. You can integrate the ApsaraDB for MyBase API with your internal business platform.
    • The permissions to connect to Bastionhost for enhanced security.
    • The permissions to manage third-party programs. You can develop your own management systems to manage your instances.
  • Reduced costs

    The natural advantages of dedicated database clusters allow ApsaraDB for MyBase to provide excellent user experience at low costs. Compared with user-created databases, ApsaraDB for MyBase reduces costs by nearly 50%.

For more information about the benefits of ApsaraDB for MyBase, see Mechanisms and benefits.


This seminar has ended. The next seminar will be held in Shanghai on August 20. More offline seminars are under planning to gather enterprise users in Hangzhou, Chongqing, and other cities. Stay tuned to the latest news of the Alibaba Cloud database service team. The Alibaba Cloud database expert team has started a DingTalk group chat to answer questions from users. You can scan the QR code to join the group chat.