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Last Updated: Aug 19, 2020


Queries the information about an image.


Request line RequestLine

  1. GET /repos/[RepoNamespace]/[RepoName]/tag/[Tag] HTTP/1.1

Request parameters URI Param

Parameter Type Required Description
RepoNamespace String Yes The namespace to which the repository belongs.
RepoName String Yes The name of the repository.
Tag String Yes The tag of the image.

Custom request headers RequestHead


Request body RequestBody



Response line ResponseLine

  1. HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Response body ResponseBody

  1. {
  2. "imageUpdate": 1578625336000,
  3. "imageId": "6f08feb0be92c8ed2cc5b3e563313d2c08e468c1aa40d06908634884f236****",
  4. "requestId": "9AFB10K1-2301-4B00-A817-93249204****",
  5. "digest": "110acd135b0b71c38f10a6db02b0318d6ec731ec318cbfc5dadc4cc182b54052",
  6. "tag": 1,
  7. "imageSize": 558063443,
  8. "imageCreate": 1577445220000,
  9. "status": "NORMAL"
  10. }

Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
imageUpdate Long The time when the image is updated.
imageCreate Long The time when the image is created.
imageId String The ID of the image.
imageSize String The size of the image.
requestId String The ID of the request.
digest String The SHA-256 value of the digest of the image.
tag String The tag of the image.
status String The status of the image.


Sample request

  1. GET /repos/RepoNamespace/RepoName/tags/Tag HTTP/1.1 公共请求头
  2. { "RepoName": "test", "RepoNamespace": "test", "Tag": "1.0" }

Response example

  1. HTTP/1.1 200 OK
  2. <Common response header>
  3. {
  4. "imageUpdate": 1578625336000,
  5. "imageId": "6f08feb0be92c8ed2cc5b3e563313d2c08e468c1aa40d06908634884f236****",
  6. "requestId": "",
  7. "digest": "110acd135b0b71c38f10a6db02b0318d6ec731ec318cbfc5dadc4cc182b54052",
  8. "tag": 1,
  9. "imageSize": 558063443,
  10. "imageCreate": 1577445220000,
  11. "status": "NORMAL"
  12. }