Cloud Storage Gateway 2.0 (elastic gateway) is a gateway product that can be deployed in Alibaba Cloud. You can mount the gateway by using a Network File System (NFS) client. In addition, you can read data from or write data to an OSS bucket or an Apsara File Storage NAS array or cluster over the Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX). NAS will be supported in CSG from October 2020.


Cloud Storage Gateway (CSG) 2.0 adopts a distributed architecture and redundancy policy, provides high data read/write capabilities, and creates a unified namespace for multiple data sources for easier data management. CSG also supports auto scaling of public bandwidth and cache capacity. You can configure resources based on your business requirements. CSG provides high-performance distributed cache by using Alibaba Cloud enhanced SSDs (ESSDs), and uses Object Storage Service (OSS) buckets to store data. This guarantees 99.9999999999%(12 nines) data reliability. CSG 2.0 integrates different data sources into a virtual file system that provides an access into the same virtual file system to provide a unified access interface.