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You cannot release the vSwitch resources of a VPC-type instance.

Last Updated: Mar 03, 2021


The vSwitch cannot be released in the VPC console.


May be caused by the following reasons:

  • There are unreleased ECS, RDS, and SLB instances in the vSwitch.
  • The resources of the user-created Elastic Network Interface are not released.
  • The SNAT entry resources of the NAT Gateway are not released.
  • VPN Gateway resources are not released.


Select the following steps based on the on-site conditions:

  • Solution to cause 1:
    1. Log on to the VPC console . On the VPC page, click vSwitch and click the vSwitch ID.
    2. On the basic information page, check whether there are unreleased ECS, RDS, and SLB instances. If yes, release the vSwitch.
  • Solution to cause 2:
    1. Log on to the ECS console and choose network and security>Elastic Network Interface.
    2. Enter the network interface controller list page network interface controller name select virtual machine switch ID click search. Check whether there are any user-created Elastic Network Interface. If so, unbind the instance first and then delete the instance.
  • Solution to cause 3:
    1. Log on to the VPC console and click NAT Gateway.
    2. Enter the NAT Gateway page, click the instance ID of The.
    3. Go to the NAT Gateway details page and click SNAT to check whether any SNAT entry exists. If yes, select the SNAT entry and click delete.
  • Solution to cause 4:
    1. Log on to the VPC console and click VPN Gateway.
    2. Go to the VPN Gateway page and check whether there are VPN Gateway unreleased resources.
      Note: the VPN Gateway is automatically released after it expires.



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