This topic describes a recent seminar that gathered enterprise users of ApsaraDB for MyBase in Shenzhen.


Enterprise users in southern China attended this seminar and discussed topics related to the management of large-scale enterprise databases and business needs. This seminar introduced the best practices of using ApsaraDB for MyBase to help users improve the management of large-scale databases. Zhu Jie, senior product specialist on Alibaba Cloud databases, introduced the current situation of the cloud market and the thoughts behind ApsaraDB for MyBase.

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To help users understand how ApsaraDB for MyBase works and its key strengths, Product Manager Jiang Haonan presented the product in the seminar.

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Huo Xiaozhuo (alias: Yujia), head of the Alibaba Cloud database solution architect team in southern China, shared multiple solutions to the applications of existing users. The solutions are based on actual use cases. Participants communicated and interacted in a lively manner. Enterprises, such as Shenzhen Jieshun Science and Technology Industry Co. and Stardust, discussed common operations and maintenance (O&M) issues related to throttling of slow SQL queries and dynamic scaling.

A photo of the seminarA photo of the seminar and the details


  • The development of enterprise business complicates management. Traditional platform as a service (PaaS) cloud databases cannot meet the diverse business needs of enterprise users.
  • Enterprises face a dilemma. If they migrate their business to the cloud, they must rebuild their business first. This is risky. If they do not migrate their business to the cloud, they must deploy their business on on-premises infrastructures that are fragile and have many limits.


Alibaba Cloud develops ApsaraDB for MyBase, a dedicated cluster service for managing databases in the public cloud. ApsaraDB for MyBase is as easy to use as common database services and as flexible as on-premises databases. Users can create hosts in ApsaraDB for MyBase as needed and can be granted the host operating system permissions. ApsaraDB for MyBase is a brand-new solution for enterprise users to migrate databases to the cloud.
  • Dedicated cluster: Users can purchase hosts. Resources are isolated among users. This meets the business requirements for exclusive, secure, and stable database services.
  • Host OS permissions: Users are granted the host OS permissions so that their database administrators can collect information. This reduces O&M costs and provides the maximum flexibility for users who are capable of managing databases. ApsaraDB for MyBase also allows users to customize the installation packages of OSs. Users can migrate data centers to the cloud in a seamless way and retain the existing O&M team and O&M mode.
  • Overcommitment ratio configuration: Users can configure overcommitment ratios to improve host resource usage. Compared with user-created databases, ApsaraDB for MyBase reduces costs by up to 47%.


This seminar is ended. The next seminar will be held in Beijing on August 6. More offline seminars are under planning to gather enterprise users in Guangzhou, Shanghai, and other cities. Stay tuned to the latest news of the Alibaba Cloud database service team.