Before you start incremental data migration between MySQL databases, DTS checks the value of the server-id parameter in the source database. This topic describes how to configure the server-id parameter to pass the precheck.


  1. Log on to the source user-created MySQL database.
  2. Run the following statement to view the current server_id value:
    show variables like '%server_id%';
  3. Run the following statement to set the server-id parameter.
    set global server_id=<id>;
    Note Replace the <id> placeholder with a valid numeric server ID. Follow these rules when determining a server ID:
    • The server ID must be an integer greater than 1.
    • If your source database is in a primary/secondary replication deployment, make sure that the assigned server ID is unique in the cluster of your source database system.
    • The server ID is overwritten after you restart the database service. To make the setting permanent, apply the change into the corresponding configuration file.


    set global server_id=2;
  4. Log on to the DTS console and perform another precheck.