If your migration task involves incremental data migration between MySQL databases, Data Transmission Service (DTS) checks storage engines of the source database during the precheck. This topic describes how to fix issues detected by the Storage Engine check item.

This item checks whether storage engines used in the source database support incremental data migration. For example, the FEDERATED and MRG_MYISAM storage engines do not support incremental data migration. If this item fails to pass the precheck, the source database may have one of the unsupported storage engines.


  1. In the precheck results report, click the information icon next to the error item.
  2. In the View More dialog box that appears, check the table name displayed in the Cause of Failure section.
  3. Find the data migration task and click Edit Task.Modify task configurations
  4. Click Set Whitelist and Next in the lower-right corner of the page.
  5. Select the tables whose storage engines fail to pass the precheck and click < to move them out of the Selected section.
  6. Click Precheck.

More information

To migrate tables with the FEDERATED and MRG_MYISAM storage engines, you can create a data migration task for these tables and select Full Data Migration and Schema Migration only.