This topic describes how to stop a data migration task. If you no longer need a task or if you want to discard a failed task, you can stop the task and release the instance. After a migration task is stopped, it changes to the Completed status. In this status, you can only release the instance.


The data migration task is in the Migrating, Paused, or Migration Failed status.


  1. Log on to the DTS console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Data Migration.
  3. At the top of the Migration Tasks page, select the region where the destination cluster resides.
    Select a region
  4. Perform operations based on the selected migration phases.
    Warning To minimize the negative impact of data migration on your normal operations, we recommend that you have a rollback plan before you switch workloads to the target instance. For more information, see Switch workloads to the target database.
    • Full data migration (incremental data migration not included)

      Do not manually stop a task during full data migration. Otherwise, the system may fail to migrate all data. Wait until the migration task automatically ends.

    • Incremental data migration included

      A migration task with an incremental data migration phase included does not end automatically. Incremental data migration is an continuous process that replicates ongoing updates to the target database. You must manually stop the task.

      1. Wait until the task progress bar shows Incremental Data Migration and The migration task is not delayed. Then, suspend write requests to the source database for a few minutes. In some cases, the progress bar shows a delay time for incremental data migration because certain newly committed updates have not been replicated.
      2. After the status of incremental data migration changes to The migration task is not delayed, select the task and click Stop to manually stop the migration task.Stop a task during incremental migration