The appcenter component is used in the Application Center module of the Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) console. It ensures centralized management of multi-cluster application deployments and application lifecycles. This topic lists the latest changes to appcenter.


Application Center provides a unified portal for your applications. This helps you understand how your applications are deployed in a unified view. Application Center allows you to view your applications in a global manner. You can also view the deployment status and changes of all Kubernetes subresources allocated to each application. In addition, Gits and Helm charts are used to deploy applications in ACK clusters based on application versions. This allows you to publish or roll back applications that are deployed in ACK clusters.

Usage notes

For more information about how to use appcenter, see Overview.

Release notes

June 2020

Version Image address Release date Description Impact
v1.0.1.1-a97c8f0-aliyun 2020-06-22 New features:
  • An application can be deployed to multiple clusters at a time.
  • Triggers are supported.