This article provides the Alibaba Cloud regions and endpoints that are supported by MNS.

The following table lists the endpoints of MNS in each region.

Region Public endpoint Internal endpoint Classic endpoint
China (Qingdao) http(s)://
China (Beijing) http(s)://
China (Zhangjiakou) http(s):// N/A
China (Hohhot) http(s):// N/A
China (Hangzhou) http(s)://
China (Shanghai) http(s)://
China (Shenzhen) http(s)://
China (Chengdu) http(s):// N/A
China (Hong Kong) http(s):// N/A
Singapore (Singapore) http(s)://
Australia (Sydney) http(s):// N/A
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) http(s):// N/A
Indonesia (Jakarta) http(s):// N/A
Japan (Tokyo) http(s):// N/A
Germany (Frankfurt) http(s):// N/A
UK (London) http(s):// N/A
US (Silicon Valley) http(s)://
US (Virginia) http(s):// N/A
India (Mumbai) http(s):// N/A
UAE (Dubai) http(s):// N/A
China East 1 Finance N/A N/A
China East 2 Finance N/A N/A
China South 1 Finance N/A
China North 2 Ali Gov http(s):// http(s):// N/A

To ensure data security, MNS supports the HTTPS protocol for access requests from the Internet. To use the HTTPS protocol, replace http:// in public endpoints with https://.

  • Topics are unavailable in the UAE (Dubai) region.
  • Event notifications are unavailable in the China (Zhangjiakou), China (Hohhot), Australia (Sydney), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Indonesia (Jakarta), Japan (Tokyo), Germany (Frankfurt), UK (London), US (Virginia), India (Mumbai) and UAE (Dubai) regions.