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Last Updated: Aug 05, 2020

Supported systems

Windows 7 and later versions are supported.

Development environment

We recommend that you use Visual Studio 2017 as the development tool. This topic is based on the Visual Studio 2017 development environment.

Integration using local files

Download SDK

Download the latest version of ApsaraVideo Player SDK for Windows from here.

SDK structure

  • demo directory: contains a demo of the SDK, including the source code and executable program files.
  • doc directory: contains .chm and .html documentation.
  • sdk directory: contains the SDK files, including header files, .lib files, .dll files, and .pdb files.

Demo compilation

  1. Install Visual Studio 2017.
  2. Install Qt 5.12.2.
  3. Install the Qt plug-in qt-vsaddin-msvc2017-2.5.2-rev.01.vsix.
  4. Add a Qt version by performing the following steps: Open Qt and choose Qt VS Tools > Qt Options. In the Qt Options dialog box, click Add on the Qt Versions tab. Set parameters as needed and click OK.
  5. Set Qt dependencies by performing the following steps: Open Qt and choose Qt VS Tools > Qt Project Settings. In the Qt Project Settings dialog box, click the Qt Modules tab, select Core, GUI, Network, and Widgets, and then click OK.


Copy header files and the bin directory to your Qt project and set dependencies for your project.