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Player SDK for Windows

Last Updated: Aug 06, 2020
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2020-07-17 v5.2.0 ApsaraVideo Player SDK for Windows is released for the first time with the following features:
1. Supports URL-based playback, VID-based playback, and playing local videos.
2. Supports the following playback control operations: start, pause, resume, stop, imprecise seek, and precise seek.
3. Provides basic player features such as multi-bitrate switching, autoplay, loop playback, mute mode and volume control (0 to 200%), playback speed control, play-and-cache, preview, snapshot capture, and video image rotation, scaling, and mirroring.
4. Supports secure download and normal download.
5. Supports the following settings: referer, UserAgent, network timeout period and retry times, buffer and delay, and HTTP headers.
ApsaraVideo Player SDK for Windows 5.2.0