The ST_BuildPyramid function creates pyramids for a raster dataset.


raster ST_BuildPyramid(raster source);
raster ST_BuildPyramid(raster source,  cstring chunkTableName);
raster ST_BuildPyramid(raster source,  integer pyramidLevel,ResampleAlgorithm algorithm,
                       cstring chunkTableName, cstring storageOption);


Parameter Description
source The name of the raster dataset.
chunkTableName The name of the chunk table that is stored in the pyramids.
pyramidLevel The number of pyramid levels. The value -1 indicates that the largest number of pyramid levels are created.
algorithm The resampling algorithm that is used to create the pyramids. Valid values:
  • Near
  • Average
  • Bilinear
  • Cubic
storageOption The options that specify the storage settings. This parameter is valid only on raster datasets that are stored in Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) buckets.

The value of the storageOption parameter is a JSON-formatted string that describes the chunk storage information of the pyramids. The following table describes the fields in this parameter.

Field Type Description
chunkdim string The dimensions from which the raster data is chunked. The value of this field follows the (w, h, b) format. The chunk size is obtained from the original raster data by default.
interleaving string The method that is used to interleave the raster data.
  • bip: band interleaved by pixel (BIP)
  • bil: band interleaved by line (BIL)
  • bsq: band sequential (BSQ) (This is the default value.)
  • auto: an interleaving method that is specified by this function
compression string The algorithm that is used to compress the raster data. Valid values:
  • none
  • jpeg
  • zlib
  • png
  • lzo
  • lz 4(default)
  • zstd
  • snappy
  • jp2k
quality integer The quality of compression. This parameter is valid only for JPEG and JP2K compression algorithms. Default value: 75.


This function supports GPU-accelerated computing. In a running environment with GPUs, Ganos enables GPU-accelerated computing by default.


Update raster_table set raster_obj = ST_BuildPyramid(raster_obj) where id = 1;

Update raster_table set raster_obj = ST_BuildPyramid(raster_obj, 'chunk_table') where id = 2;

--Specify to use the JP2K compression algorithm, which ensures that all bands are in the same chunk.
Update raster_table set raster_obj = ST_BuildPyramid(
        "quality": 75, 
where id = 3;