Lindorm TSDB of ApsaraDB for Lindorm (Lindorm) works together with IoT Platform to provide a classic IoT solution.

This topic describes how to use Lindorm TSDB together with What is IoT Platform?. IoT Platform provides an intelligent and integrated platform for you to develop and manage IoT devices. This platform also helps you collect, report, store, and analyze data.


The following architecture shows how Lindorm TSDB works together with IoT Platform:
  • Use IoT Hub to connect and manage IoT devices.
  • Use a rules engine to route the data of IoT devices to Lindorm TSDB.
  • Use Lindorm TSDB to analyze large amounts of data and monitor IoT devices.

Use the rules engine of IoT Platform

IoT devices communicate with each other based on message topics. IoT Platform uses a rules engine to process message topic data and routes the data to Lindorm TSDB. If you want to store device data in a resource, configure simple rules in the rules engine. This provides a full-stack solution for you to collect, calculate, and store data.