This topic describes how to clear data from the ApsaraDB for Lindorm (Lindorm) time series engine service that is called Lindorm TSDB. You can use this operation to clear test data.

  • After you call this operation to clear data, all the data in your Lindorm time series database is cleared. You cannot restore the cleared data. Proceed with caution. Alibaba Cloud does not actively clear your data.
  • When you call /api/truncate to clear data from a Lindorm time series database, all the nodes in the Lindorm cluster do not allow data to be written in. Therefore, call this operation with caution.

Request path and method

Request path Request method Description
/api/truncate POST Clears up data.
  • Request parameters


  • Sample requests

    Request line: POST/api/truncate

  • Responses
    • An HTTP status code of 200 indicates that the request is successful. Other status codes indicate request failures. For more information, see the response status codes.
    • If this operation returns an HTTP status code of 500, check whether the error message includes the following content: "The attempt to broadcast locking truncate remotely against [ address 1,… ] failed,while the attempt against [ address 2,… ] succeeded". Such an error message indicates that the truncate operation failure caused the statuses of the nodes in the time series cluster to be inconsistent. If you do not solve this inconsistency, you may fail to write data to the Lindorm time series database. Therefore, when this error occurs, submit the error message to the Alibaba Cloud O&M team for assistance.