Request path and method

Request path Request method Description
/api/dump_meta POST Queries tag values that are paired with a tag key.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Description Default value Example
tagkey String Yes The key of the tag. None host
tagvalueprefix String Yes The prefix of the tag values to query. None 127.0.0
max Integer No The maximum number of tag values to return. 1000 2

Sample requests in the JSON format

Objective: Query tag pairs that meet the specified conditions. In this example, you query two tag pairs of which the tag values are prefixed with 127.0.0.

Request line: POST/api/dump_meta

Request body:

  "tagkey": "host",
  "tagvalueprefix": "127.0.0",
  "max": 2


The tag pairs that meet the specified conditions are returned. The following response provides an example:

[ {"host": ""}, {"host": ""} ]