The ApsaraDB for Lindorm (Lindorm) time series engine service that is called Lindorm TSDB returns a standard HTTP response status code for each request. Most responses contain response content. For example, failure responses contain specific error information.

Success response

If a request is successful, a success status code is returned. If this request queries data, the queried data is returned. Different API operations return different data in different formats. For more information, see Write data points to a single-value model time series and Query data points from a single-value model time series.

Error response

If an error occurs, the called API operation returns a formatted JSON object that describes the error. The JSON object contains the following parameters.

Parameter Type Required Description Example
code Integer Yes The HTTP status code 400
message String Yes The short description of the error Missing required parameter
details String Optional The details of the error Missing value: type

Each error response contains an HTTP status code and response content that describes the error details.

Sample error response
1. {
2.    "error": {
3.        "code": 400,
4.        "message": "Missing parameter <code>type</code>"
5.    }
6.  }