You can use PrivateLink to establish secure, stable, and private connections between virtual private clouds (VPCs) and other Alibaba Cloud services, or between a data center and an Alibaba Cloud service. Network traffic does not traverse the Internet when PrivateLink is used. This simplifies network architecture and avoids risks from the Internet.


PrivateLink is released. For more information about regions that support PrivateLink, see Regions and zones that support PrivateLink.

End time of the free trial

Before May 15, 2021, you can use PrivateLink free of charge.

Enable PrivateLink

PrivateLink provides a free trial. You can log on to the PrivateLink page to enable the feature.

Notice After the free trial ends, you are charged for using PrivateLink. For more information about the pricing of PrivateLink, see the Alibaba Cloud International site.