Queries folders.


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Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
Action String Yes ListFolders

The operation that you want to perform.

PageNumber Integer Yes 1

The number of data pages that are requested.

PageSize Integer Yes 10

The number of entries to return on each page. Default value: 10. Maximum value: 100.

ParentFolderPath String Yes Workflow /my first workflow /MaxCompute

The path to the parent folder.

ProjectId Long Yes 10000

Dataworks workspace ID and click the workspace manage icon in the upper-right corner to view the workspace information.

RegionId String Yes cn-zhangjiakou

The list of regions where the services are located.

ProjectIdentifier String No dw_project

Dataworks unique identifier of the workspace, that is, the name of the workspace at the top of the data Development page.

You must specify either this parameter or the ProjectId parameter to determine the Dataworks workspace for the current API call.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
Data Struct

The list of folders that meet the conditions.

Folders Array of Folders

List of folders.

FolderId String 2735c2****

ID of the folder.

FolderPath String Workflow /my first workflow /MaxCompute/ods

The path to the folder.

PageNumber Integer 1

The number of the page to return.

PageSize Integer 10

The size of the current data page.

TotalCount Integer 13

The total number of data records that meet the query conditions.

ErrorCode String Invalid.Tenant.ConnectionNotExists

The error code.

ErrorMessage String The connection does not exist.

The error message.

HttpStatusCode Integer 200

The HTTP status code.

RequestId String 0000-ABCD-EFG****

The unique ID of the call. You can use the error ID to troubleshoot the error.

Success Boolean true

Indicates whether the request was successful.


Sample requests

     http(s)://[Endpoint]/? Action=ListFolders &PageNumber=1 &PageSize=50 &ParentFolderPath= workflow /my first workflow /MaxCompute &ProjectId=10000 &RegionId=cn-zhangjiakou &<common request parameters> 

Sample success responses

XML format

     <RequestId> 0000-abcd-efg**** </RequestId> <HttpStatusCode> 200 </HttpStatusCode> <Data> <TotalCount> 13 </TotalCount> <PageSize> 10 </PageSize> <PageNumber> 1 </PageNumber> <Folders> <FolderPath> workflow /my first workflow /MaxCompute/ods layer </FolderPath> <FolderId> 2735 c2 **** </FolderId> </Folders> </Data> <Success> true </Success> 

JSON Format

     {"RequestId": "0000-ABCD-EFG****", "HttpStatusCode": 200, "Data": { "TotalCount": 13, "PageSize": 10, "PageNumber": 1, "Folders": [ { "FolderPath": "workflow /my first workflow /MaxCompute/ods layer", "FolderId": "2735 c2 [[*" } ] }, "Success": true} 

Error codes

HttpCode Error codes Error message Description
500 InternalError.System An internal system error occurred. Try again later. An internal system error occurred. Please try again later.
500 InternalError.UserId.Missing An internal system error occurred. Try again later. An internal system error occurred. Please try again later.
429 Throttling.Api The request for this resource has exceeded your available limit. The request for the resource exceeds your available upper limit.
429 Throttling.System The DataWorks system is busy. Try again later. DataWorks the system is busy, please try again later.
429 Throttling.User Your request is too frequent. Try again later. Your request is too frequent, please try to slow down the request speed.
403 Forbidden.Access Access is forbidden. Please first activate DataWorks Enterprise Edition or Flagship Edition. You have restricted access. Please activate DataWorks Enterprise Edition or above.

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