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View security reinforcement list

Last Updated: Sep 23, 2021

As shown in the following figure, the information of created security reinforcement tasks is displayed in card format in the security reinforcement list. The reinforcement task card allows you to view the information of the application that is being reinforced in the task and reinforcement status. You can also download the reinforced package, view the failure log, and delete the reinforcement task.

The security reinforcement list is arranged in reverse order based on the creation time of tasks. And task cards display the following information:

  • Application Name
    • When the reinforcement is successful, the name is displayed in blue.
    • When the reinforcement fails or is being performed, the name is displayed in black.
  • Reinforcement Status
    On the right side of the Application Name, the reinforcement status of the current task is displayed, including Reinforced, Reinforcing, and Reinforcement failed, as shown in the following figure.
    • Reinforced indicates that the current reinforcement task is successful.
    • Reinforcing indicates that the current reinforcement task is in progress.
    • Reinforcement failed indicates that the current reinforcement task was failed.
  • Package Name: Package name of the uploaded APK or AAB file.
  • Version Number: Version number of the application.
  • Application Size: APK or AAB size before the reinforcement.
  • Creation Time: The time when the current task is created.


To view the security reinforcement list, see the following procedures:

  1. Enter the mPaaS console, and select the target application in the application list.
  2. Select Security > Mobile Security Armor in the left navigation bar to enter the Mobile Security Armor page, and view the security reinforcement list on the page.

In the task card, in addition to viewing the corresponding application information and reinforcement status, you can also perform the following operations: