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Create security reinforcement

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2021

The Mobile Security Armor (MSA) refers to the reinforcement of the application and the core classes. This topic guides you through the complete process of creating a reinforcement task.

Mobile Security Armor supports reinforcement of the following objects:

  • The overall APK or AAB file: To protect the overall security of the APK or AAB file, MSA provides anti-decompilation protection for the APK or AAB file, and anti-tamper protection for memory and overall SSH protection for the DEX file, prevention of white box attacks, SSH encryption algorithm protection, anti-debugging protection, anti-memory tampering protection, anti-hooking protection, anti-emulation protection, anti-repackaging protection for the APK or AAB file, and anti-memory dump protection.
  • Core classes: Obfuscates the Java code, hides the actual running process and protects the code from decompilers such as jadx-gui and JEB, which makes the reinforced code difficult to be directly read manually.
Note: It is necessary to reinforce the over APK or AAB file. The reinforcement of the core class is optional. You can choose the classes to be reinforced or not.


Before you start this task, you need to prepare the application to be reinforced. The requirements are as follows:

  • The file format must be .apk or .abb.
  • The application must not be reinforced, because MSA does not support repeated reinforcement for installation packages.
  • The APK or AAB package has been signed. In the reinforcement process, the anti-repackaging process will be performed for the APK or AAB file. Therefore, the uploaded application package needs to be signed.
  • The size of the APK or AAB file must be less than 300 MB.


The procedure for creating a reinforcement task is as follows.

  1. Enter the mPaaS console, and select the target application in the application list.
  2. Select Security > Mobile Security Armor in the left navigation bar to enter the Mobile Security Armor page.
  3. Click Create Security Reinforcement on the page to enter the Upload the Application to be Reinforced page.
  4. Click Upload Application to upload the installation package to be reinforced.
    During the upload process, click Cancel Upload on the page to cancel the upload operation. And the Upload the Application to be Reinforced page will return to the initial state (that is, the state when the upload operation is not performed).
Note: When the uploaded APK or AAB file does not meet the requirements, the upload fails. In this case, click Re-upload, and the Upload the Application to be Reinforced page will return to the initial state.
  1. After the file is uploaded, the page jumps to the Confirm Security Reinforcement Information page. On this page, you need to complete the following operations:

    • Confirm application information:
      View the application information under the Application Information column.

      • Application name
      • Application package name
      • Application version
      • Application size
    • Confirm reinforcement information:
      Under the Reinforcement Information column, view the reinforcement services provided for the overall APK or AAB file.

      • Anti-decompilation protection for the APK or AAB file
      • Overall SSH for DEX files
      • Anti-tamper protection for the DEX file
      • Protection for white-box attack
      • SSH encryption algorithm protection
      • Anti-debugging protection
      • Anti-tamper protection for memory
      • Anti-hooking protection
      • Anti-emulation protection
      • Anti-repackaging protection for the APK or AAB file
      • Anti-memory dump protection
    • Add classes that require security protection (optional):
      Select the classes that need to be reinforced. The steps are as follows.

      1. (Optional) Enter a keyword for the class name, and click Search to search for the target class.
        We recommend that you enter a relatively complete class name to search. When the number of search results exceeds 1,000, the platform will not be able to display the results. In this case, you need to enter the complete class name to search again.
      2. Click the check box corresponding to the target class to select the target class. Support multiple selections, a maximum of 300 classes are supported.
      Note: The selected class names will be displayed under the search box. You can click × to unselect the corresponding class.
  2. Click Confirm Reinforcement to reinforce the application.
    When the prompt The application is being reinforced is displayed on the page, the reinforcement task has been created. Click View Reinforcement List to enter the Mobile Security Armor page and view the security reinforcement list. A card for the current task is added to the list. In the card, you can view the reinforcement progress of the task and download the reinforced APK or AAB file. For details, see View security reinforcement list.