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Last Updated: Sep 23, 2021

This topic provides guidance on how to use Mobile Security Armor (MSA) to quickly reinforce applications with few steps and obtain reinforced packages.


  • An APK or AAB that you want to reinforce is available. The APK or AAB must be not reinforced and be less than or equal to 300 MB.
  • You have purchased an MSA service or you are offered the seven-day free trial period.


The following steps show how to reinforce applications and obtain reinforced packages.

  1. Log on to mPaaS console, and select the target application.

  2. Select Security > Mobile Security Armor in the left navigation bar to enter the Mobile Security Armor page.

  3. Click Create Security Reinforcement to enter the Upload the Application to be reinforced page.

  4. Click Upload Application to upload an APK or AAB file.

  5. After the file is uploaded, the page automatically jumps to the Confirm Security Reinforcement Information page to confirm the application information and reinforcement information.

  6. (Optional) Under the Add Classes that Require Security Protection column, select the classes that need to be reinforced.

  7. Click Confirm Reinforcement to perform the reinforcement.

  8. Return to the Mobile Security Armor page, on which a card for the corresponding reinforcement task is added. You can view the reinforcement progress of the corresponding task on the card.

    • Reinforcing: Indicates that the reinforcement task is in progress.
    • Reinforced: Indicates that the reinforcement task is completed.
    • Reinforcement failed: Indicates that the reinforcement task has failed.
  9. When the Reinforced status is displayed in the card, click Download to download the security reinforcement package (that is, the reinforced APK or AAB file).

    Note: The reinforced installation package does not contain signature information. You need to re-sign the downloaded reinforced package, and then release the re-signed reinforced package on the corresponding application market.

Subsequent steps

After the reinforcement, be sure to check whether the key components such as the upgrade component and hotfix component are functioning normally.If the installation package functions abnormally after the reinforcement, please submit a ticket or contact mPaaS technical support.

Note: If you have more questions about access, feel free to search group number 33417739 to join the DingTalk group for consultation and communication.