This topic describes how to delete a custom cluster endpoint from a PolarDB-O cluster.


  • You can delete only custom cluster endpoints for a cluster, and you cannot delete the default cluster endpoint for the cluster.
  • The deleted cluster endpoint cannot be restored. You must change the endpoint in your applications at the earliest opportunity.


  1. Log on to the PolarDB console.
  2. On the top of the page, select the region where the target cluster is located.
  3. Find the target cluster and click the cluster ID to go to the Overview page.
  4. In the Endpoints section, find the cluster endpoint that you want to delete, and on the right of the cluster endpoint, choose Delete > Delete.
    Delete a custom cluster endpoint
  5. In the message that appears, click OK.

Related operations

API Description
DescribeDBClusterEndpoints Queries cluster endpoints for an Apsara PolarDB cluster.
DeleteDBClusterEndpoint Deletes a custom cluster endpoint from an Apsara PolarDB cluster.