Flink Serverless is a product built on Apache Flink that provides fully managed computing services in real time.


  • Fully managed

    Flink Serverless is fully managed, which allows you to focus on business development instead of having to worry about cluster O&M.

  • End-to-end

    Flink Serverless provides end-to-end services such as submitting jobs, managing jobs, collecting metrics, and monitoring and alerting to make job development and O&M more efficient.

  • Value-added
    • The engine interface is fully compatible with the open source Flink version, and provides value-added features such as GeminiStateBackend (the Blink next-generation development backend) to improve job performance and stability.
    • You can use the Auto-Pilot feature to tune jobs.
  • Cost-effective

    Flink Serverless can be billed based on the number of resource CUs that you consume. You can purchase the required number of CUs based on your business needs.