This topic describes the features and related topics of PolarDB for MySQL, as shown in the following table.

Feature Related topic
Data migration Overview
Cluster management Create a PolarDB MySQL cluster
Use storage packages
Switch the billing method from pay-as-you-go to subscription
Manually renew the subscription to a cluster
Automatically renew the subscription to a cluster
Release a PolarDB cluster
Set cluster parameters
Upgrade the minor version
Configure a whitelist
Clone a cluster
Bind a tag
Filter clusters by tag
View tags bound to a cluster
Unbind a tag
Access to clusters View or apply for an endpoint
Connect to a database cluster
Private domain names
Create a custom cluster endpoint
Modify and delete a cluster endpoint
PolarProxy features
Data consistency levels
Read-write splitting
Elastic upgrade and downgrade Change specifications
Add or remove a node
Account management Register and log on to an Alibaba Cloud account
Create and authorize a RAM user
Create database accounts
Manage database accounts for a cluster
Database management Database management
Architectures Deploy a cluster across multiple zones and change the primary zone
Switch over services between primary and read-only nodes
Global database network Create a GDN and a secondary cluster
Manage a GDN
Data security Configure TDE
Configure SSL encryption
Backup and restore Back up data
Restore data
Cluster recycle bin
Diagnostics and optimization SQL Explorer
Performance monitoring and alert configuration
Use functions related to slow SQL statements
Use functions related to slow SQL statements
Performance insight
Kernel features Enable binlogging
Thread Pool
Parallel query
Other features Set a maintenance window
Pending events
Restart a node