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DNS over TLS (DoT)

Last Updated: Jun 09, 2021

This topic describes the access process of DNS over TLS (DoT).

Alibaba Cloud Public DNS provides DNS resolution by using the TLS-encrypted TCP connections as specified in the RFC 7858 specifications.

The following figure shows the access process of DoT.


Obtain user_id

After Alibaba Cloud Public DNS is activated in the Alibaba Cloud DNS console, you can view the account ID on the Overview page, as shown in the following figure.


Access example of Android mobile phones

If you are using an Android mobile phone, you can configure the domain name and IP address of Alibaba Cloud Public DNS in the settings of your mobile phone to obtain DoT-based secure transmission services.

The following example shows the configuration on a Android mobile phone. In this example, the account ID is 9999.

Note:The preceding access process is suitable for the commercial edition of Alibaba Cloud Public DNS. If you need only to access the free edition of Alibaba Cloud Public DNS, see Access the free edition of Alibaba Cloud Public DNS.